Combating veteran joblessness & underemployment

ReferVets is a free, easy-to-use app for veterans to apply, refer, and get hired for new careers. We’re building the first all-digital community that connects current and prior service members with organizations that invest in veteran hiring and professional development.


ReferVets is a free, easy-to-use app for veterans to apply, refer, and get hired for new careers

Use ReferVets on your favorite web browser (like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) or download the app on your iPhone, IPad, or Android.

ReferVets connects veterans, civilians, and employers to grow the veteran hiring pipeline

And it's completely free for everyone — free for veterans to sign up and apply for jobs, free for anyone to refer veterans, and free for companies to post jobs and recruit vets — forever.

Find a new career opportunity and help other veterans do the same. Simply sign up and apply for open opportunities. Lend a helping hand and refer fellow vets to opportunities on the app.


Connect veterans in your network with new career opportunities. Sign up and refer veterans for open jobs. Invite friends, family, and colleagues so they can sign up and refer veterans, as well.


Fill your pipeline with highly qualified, highly motivated veterans. Sign your company up for the platform, post your open opportunities, and our veteran community of will take care of the rest!


We're helping close the career opportunity, advancement, and network gaps for vets

ReferVets was purpose-built to enable veterans to expand their professional networks, while simultaneously streamlining direct access to this growing veteran talent pool for employers looking to accelerate their veteran hiring initiatives.

✔  Accelerate the employer-veteran hiring pipeline
✔  Ensure high-quality jobs for high performance vets
✔  Initiate and cultivate professional relationships


Veterans are more than qualified, but underserved and underemployed

Over 280,000 veterans were unemployed in the United States in 2019

Almost one-third of employed veteran job-seekers are underemployed

Veterans are 15.6% more likely to be underemployed than non-veterans

1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness due to poverty


Our mission is to employ and empower veterans.

We’re an all-volunteer group of veterans and entrepreneurs that have a deep passion for supporting military service-members and vets.

We believe that every veteran should have access to high-quality, mission-driven careers that provide opportunities for professional growth and personal impact.

Kevin Kennedy

Kevin is a US Marine Corps veteran, and has held CTO & CISO positions in the finance sector. He earned his B.A. from Columbia University and an M.A. from Brown University.

Brian Watson

Brian built and led Workforce Opportunity Services' veteran employment initiative. He is a graduate of Bucknell University and Northwestern University’s School of Journalism.

Christie Kennedy

Christie is a US Army veteran. She spent over 25 years in market research, leading the business intelligence group at Sanofi. She is a graduate of Queens College, CUNY.

Moses M. Feaster

Moses is a US Marine Corps veteran, and is currently a tech commercialization strategist. He earned his B.S. from Brooklyn College, CUNY, and an M.S. from The Rockefeller University.

Doug Schwenk

Doug has 25 years' experience in capital markets and fintech, including: Partner at LabCo; founder of Advise Technologies, and partner & COO of Trafelet Capital Management.

Mike Stafiej​

Mike is a startup technology advisor, and is the founder and CEO of the ERIN career referral platform. He earned his Masters in Information Systems from Robert Morris University.

Join the ReferVets squad. Find your next career opportunity, and help a veteran find theirs.

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